Mad-X is a Sing-jay artiste and MC

Whilst most artists fit snugly into one genre, there are few who can almost effortlessly master and mix several styles successfully.  Mad-X is a one of a kind artist as she performs a fusion of break beat, dancehall, reggae, grime, house and hip-hop music.  Her debut album ‘Roll up 2 da Club’ produced by Douigie (Dwongo) is testament to this with its colourful fusion of styles and display of multi-talent. 

Mad-X most recent collaborations include the song 'Gas Shuffle' which is produced by Dwongo and features Jamaican Dancehall artist Ding Dong.  Other releases include  'Queen of War' by Breakbeats Son NKA The Sikhest, ‘Deceit’ featuring Tory Olivier and Raggo Zulu Rebel,  ‘Outsiders’ with Hungarian band Zagar (Light Leaks) and ‘Sick ah dem’ with Cashflow Records (London Bridge riddim).  Mad-X performs/hosts/Dj’s events/parties for genres ranging from Dancehall to House.  She is in her element when performing live and is notorious for her ability to hype up any crowd with her energy; prompting frequent invitations to return to venues at which she has performed.   Previous performances include Miss Jamaica UK; Notting Hill Carnival, Great Ormond Street’s; ’Oh my gosh’, Scala London and radio stations including; Liquid Live, Urban FM TV, Power Jam 92FM Radio and UK Flow TV.

Originating from South London, Mad-X was brought up around music.  With a Grandmother who was a music teacher/Opera singer and a mother and aunt who were avid music lovers and had varying tastes in music.

‘I held my first mic at age 8 and by age 11 (unbeknown to the promoters!) I was regularly ‘chatting’ on the mic for sound systems and at house parties’.

She learnt some of her skills from infamous MC’s including Horseman, Skanker and Ricky Rankin.  Mad-X also became well known on the London dance hall scene as a dancer.

‘Being young, mixed race and female meant I had to come to the dancehall with a raw attitude to even get the opportunity to chat on the mic.  Winning clashes is how I gained respect I also got the opportunity to clash and work alongside well known and influential local and international artists/DJ’s in the Reggae/Dancehall/Roots and Culture industry.’

Even though Mad-X worked as an MC/DJ for sound systems including Inner Circle, Jockey Maro, and Ninja Force the on-going battle for the mic made her realise that she wanted her own sound.  In 1999 Goldenstar sound system was founded by Mad-X and her friend DJ Inspector then later on her sister DJ Starkid and another friend DJ GT joined.

‘Goldenstar was MY sound, which meant I could mc and dj as much as I wanted with no distractions’.

Mad-X honed her skills in the dance halls of London, experimenting with her techniques and style live.  This backdrop gives her the ability to not only mix and blend different styles of music but also to be able to work with varying crowds and DJ’s, creating the fusion which has developed into what is now uniquely her sound.  

Shortly after studying sound engineering and electronics at College, Mad-X got her first introduction to being a recording artist by working with the ‘Tuneup Records’ label and soon after the Dwongo Lab label as a feature artist.  This opened up the path to writing her debut album 'Roll up 2 da Club'.  

This album consists of 14 tracks.  ‘Roll up 2 da Club is about one day in my life in the ends, from waking up in the morning to going raving.  A lot of the songs are about partying because at the time of writing the album that’s what my life was all about’.  The album however is not just about partying; it also has positive messages which reflect the way in which Mad-X views life.  The track ’Mind over Matter’ touches on being able to overcome obstacles no matter what you are faced with.

‘I believe in the power of ‘Mind over matter’ it’s a message not only to myself but to everyone, a reminder that no matter what, we can achieve anything we put our minds to…’‘Track 7 What that you wanna’ is about feeling freedom of expression through music.  It aims to bring out the sunshine from within'.

Whilst Jakarta is a track dedicated to dancing.  It is very upbeat and energetic and represents Mad-X energy on the dance floor.

Mad-X sees music as a movement; and has set up and runs a local community project the ‘Time Machine’.  The purpose of this project is to give people a chance to not only record and sell their own music but to find out the whole business processes related to the music industry.  Alongside this Mad-X is working on  new projects including collaborations, videos, the promotion of her album and The Time Machine project.

‘My main two goals in life are to perform on the biggest stages throughout the world so that my music can touch as many people as possible and secondly to be recognized as a successful business woman…’

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